Camila & Fernando

Royal wedding of Camila and Fernando at Tivoli Palácio de Seteais
The wedding venue you choose will always be special to you. Portugal does not leave anyone indifferent. It is a place where the couple will return over and over at different stages of their lives, recalling old memories and creating new ones, from the day of the wedding to family holidays with children and grandchildren.

This is exactly what happened to Camila and Fernando. After 7 years of happy life together and two charming daughters, this beautiful Brazilian couple decided to officially blend their hearts at the edge of Europe, in a country they so fell in love with during their very first journey together.


Our situation was somewhat special: we were delaying our official wedding celebration for quite a long time, devoting ourselves to work and our daughters, but our now all-grown-up girls demanded their mom in a white wedding dress, and we started to wonder.

Portugal occupies a very special place in our hearts: its amazing nature and palaces, nice climate of Atlantics, amazing cuisine, romantic atmosphere and, of course, beautiful memories of our first journey together that was taking a place here.

With the great help of our wedding planner, we found a unique site, the neoclassical palace of 18th century, located in Sintra, not far from the Atlantic ocean and which nowadays being a luxurious hotel, it is one of the most beautiful monuments of historical architecture in Portugal. We fell in love with this place as soon as we saw it! The palace met all our requirements: an old residence with a stunning interior, a picturesque garden, privacy. Also, the whole surrounding area feels like the real place of ancient power and harmony. My husband and I dreamed of an intimate celebration where only the closest members of our family, and they must have felt comfortable and relaxed. For a decor we decided to add only a few favorite colors and beautiful details to emphasize the importance of the moment.


Camila and Fernando have chosen Portugal for many reasons, including including its huge respect of family values. We wanted to make this day very heartwarming and sincere, not taking all the attention to the decor, but only emphasizing with the details the beauty of the place and special atmosphere. The couple did not want to put labels on their wedding in the form of a certain concept or style. Instead they wanted to create a cozy family celebration, with all the traditions of this day.

Tivoli Palácio de Seteais, with its old-world charm, the misty hills of Sintra, view to the ocean and famous Palácio da Pena and the atmosphere of luxury, has become an ideal place for a long-awaited celebration with the closest people.

The wedding day began with a tender morning together in the luxury suite of the hotel. Very emotional meeting with their parents and little daughters who arrived to Portugal separately and, of course, the most touching moment of the celebration — the ceremony, at which almost none of the guests could not hold back their tears. At the cozy dinner, a warm family atmosphere reigned, and the dinner's decorations greatly contributed to this: one big long table in the restaurant's hall, decorated with delicate colours that set off the pastel color of the painted walls. During the evening, there was a place for everything: romance, warm words and wedding cake with sparklers overlooking the french palace gardens. There is no other way for this day to go — when a Dream Wedding turns into reality.


We chose a modern design for the wedding ceremony of Camilla and Fernando in order to show the individuality of the couple: modern couple who honour traditions.

Having added flower elements in an unusual color scheme of the interior of a classical palace, we tried to show the space in a new light, highlighting its interesting elements and adding solemnity.

Fashionable nude shades were chosen in accordance with the color scheme of the hall, and the method of color transition was also used.
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