7 reasons
to organise wedding
in Portugal
Why the amazing country on the end of Europe
is what you were looking for

1. Climate:

320 sunny days a year provide almost 100% guarantee of perfect weather for a wedding at any time of the year. The mild climate during the winter months allows you to hold the perfect wedding ceremony on the terrace at sunset. In summer, the ocean breeze will refresh the ceremony on the beach and will wave the bride's wedding dress when she says the sacred "Yes."

2. Variety of venues:

Luis de Camoes, a Portuguese writer of the 16th century, called Portugal "a garden by the sea". And although the main attraction of this wonderful country is 800 km of stunning beaches, there is much more to enjoy. Broad vineyards of the Douro Valley, amber cork fields of Alentejo, ocher cliffs crowned with green pines and stretching into the boundless blue ocean, lonely lighthouses and ancient castles: here are just some examples of the venues for unforgettable wedding ceremony in Portugal, not to mention the opportunities for a photo session.

3. Minimum of the documents

Portugal is one of the few countries in the European Union where citizens of other countries, regardless of nationality, religion or gender, can officially register their marriage without the need to obtain a special visa (tourist visa is enough), and a Portuguese marriage certificate is recognized in more than forty countries. Our specialists, if necessary, will take care of the formal and legal part of marriage. If the couple has already registered marriage in their country of residence, the ideal choice will be a symbolic ceremony followed by honeymoon.

4. Talented specialists and low prices

Portugal is a home country to many amazingly talented wedding professionals. Our vendors include the best decorators, florists, stylists and makeup artists, our photographers and videographers are winners of many wedding photography contests, who work with digital and classical film cameras, for those who appreciate vintage style.

At the same time, Portugal can offer fairly low prices for services: from renting vintage cars and royal palaces to catering of Michelin star restaurants: getting married in Portugal will be cheaper than in many other European countries.
5. Haute cuisine

Everyone knows that food can make or ruin your wedding. Choosing Portugal, you can be sure that the food at your wedding will be great! Mediterranean cuisine with an abundance of fresh vegetables and seafood, as well as top-quality cheeses and desserts made by old recipes satisfy even the most sophisticated foodies, and the Portuguese fish was recognized as the best in the world.

6. Wine country

Portugal is one of the 10 largest wine producing countries in the world. More than 200 local grape varieties and a special microclimate of the regions: you will surprise your guests with world-class premium wines with great aromatics. And, by the way, wine is always without limitations at the weddings in Portugal!

7. Hospitality of the locals

Portuguese are often called one of the friendliest nations. They are open, sincere and always ready to help. Most Portuguese speak English at certain levels. When celebrating your wedding in Portugal, be prepared for being treated like a member of a royal family!

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